Aside from providing shelter to these men, psychosocial programmes and medical care are initiated to rehabilitate the men with their families and communities in a professional and dignified manner.

At the centre we focus on rehabilitation, encouraging family members to visit, ensuring the clients have access to education, access to employment. We have care plans for each client which sets out their goals for themselves with our assistance and we don’t charge our clients.


When the persons are admitted to the home they are placed in groups with a structured timetable of events each day. Each group has a leader who helps to mentor the new client and help him or her settle in. 

Mental Health Officers and a Medical Doctor visit once per month to ensure our clients receive the best possible care.  Psychiatric Nursing Aides are employed at the Centre and it is staffed 24/7.  A psychologist holds regular therapy sessions.

The clients go out into the community on their way to work or school every day without any problems.  They also attend church services on either a Saturday or Sunday.

Ebenezer Home Farm

Livestock-rearing and crop-farming have been introduced with the dual aim of reducing the overall operational cost, while providing useful rehabilitation and psychotherapy for the men.

Under this rehabilitation programme, the men, with supervision, raise goats, a broiler-layer operation, and two cows.

Computer Centre

As the world develops digitally, we have been grateful to provide the tools so that our clients can not only integrate better into the community, but can develop their computer literacy.